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Roof damage is an unfortunate circumstance that happens to many homeowners. It damages the foundation of the roof and can harm the structure itself and make it an unstable building. There are several types of damage that can come from roof damage. Rot and decay happen naturally over time while leaks are caused by water damage. Missing shingles are a dangerous occurrence that comes from the wind blowing on the tiles. A final major cause of damage to homes and roofs are holes in the ceiling created by branches and pests attempting to make their way into the home.

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There are several reasons why roofs would deteriorate to a state of needing repairs. One of these factors is age. The older roofs get, the more weathered they become, and the more they deteriorate. Another cause of roof deterioration is if the roofs are constantly and excessively exposed to moisture, such as rainfall, snowfall, or even hail. The exposure to water causes cracks in the roofs which eventually leads to leaks. Debris getting caught in the gutter is another major factor that can cause roof deterioration. Both factors can be linked to another major factor of roof deterioration and damage, strong winds and storms that can loosen roof tiles and even cause breaks and cracks in tiles. Storms can cause another major factor of roof deterioration, that being tree limbs getting caught in the shingles and causing them to loosen, crack, break, and even get dislodged from their foundation. A final cause, one that can be controlled more easily, is pests such as squirrels and other rodents getting into the shingles or tiles and knocking them loose by trying to make a nest or burrow for their food or for themselves.

There are several different ways to avoid the need to spend money on repairs to damaged roofs. Some of these methods can help prevent roof damage for years or possibly never needing to replace the roof. The first method that can be used to avoid replacing or fixing a roof is to ensure that the gutters of the house are cleaned out and empty by the end of the fall. This helps to ensure that accumulation from leaves, twigs, or rocks will not cause damage to the roofs in the winter season, where snow and ice will also accumulate. Another method to help ensure the longevity of roofs is to trim back trees and make sure the branches are not at risk of falling onto the house due to lightning strikes, wind, or ice-breaking the branches off the tree and onto the house. A final method, one that is very important to remember during the spring months before starting the process of spring cleaning, is to have yearly roof inspections. This will catch any roof errors before they become costly to fix.

If it turns out that roof repair is needed, it is important to try and find the issue to help fix whatever damage is done to the roofs. One important thing that they can help with is to locate the reason for the leak in the roof and plan to fix it in such a way that the issue does not reoccur. If the roof is damaged to a point of needing repair, it is important to find a roofing contractor for aid in repairing the roof. An important step to take before finding a roofer to help with the repairs is to decide on what kind of budget is needed to ensure the roof repairs can be made due to the cost of the repair potentially being between seven million and ten million dollars. A final step that a roofing company can help with is to review the type of roof material that the roof needing repair is made from and ensure that the material that is purchased is the material that is desired.

No matter how the damage to the roof is caused, it is important to remember to either fix it or make sure that the damage that already exists is less damaging. Roofs protect homes from the rain, heat, and cold, so it is important that roofs are well maintained and in good shape as much as possible. Despite how costly the repairs can be, the damages that can be brought about by not fixing the roofs can be more costly in the long run. Any good home needs a good roof, and proper maintenance is the key to a nice, safe, roof.

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